Posted in: Health Posted on: Mar 17th, 2016

4 Healthcare Providers in West Village

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Upon moving to a new neighborhood, it’s not uncommon to be slightly reluctant to look for new healthcare providers. After all, it takes time to build trust with doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals, and you never can be quite sure how your new providers will compare to your old providers. Fortunately for those who are moving to West Village, there are plenty of well respected healthcare professionals in the region who may help to ease some of your apprehensions. Here’s a quick look at some highly regarded chiropractors, dentists, and doctors in West Village.

Wellness Centers

One of the most important doctors that you need is a primary care physician. A primary care physician refers to a doctor who can perform regular check ups, see you when you’re battling an illness, and refer you to specialists. Healthy Living Dallas has two locations near West Village. One is in Dallas and one is in the Grapevine area. As a new patient, you can make an appointment online, download all the required forms, and complete those forms before your appointment. The qualified doctors working here can help with everything from a runny nose to a broken arm.

Dental Offices

Even if you think that your teeth are in great condition, you still need a dentist. Dental offices can clean your teeth twice a year, check you for cavities, and even screen you for gum diseases and certain types of oral cancers. Turtle Creek Dental Associates is a local office that has dentists on staff who can help you with both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Cosmetic procedures are those that give you a better and more brilliant smile, like teeth whitening and prosthetics. You can also make an appointment for a toothache or other problems that come on without warning.

Chiropractic Care

Back pain is one of the more common types of pain that people experience today. That pain may radiate from the small of your back up and into your shoulders or down your legs. It may be a type of chronic pain that you experienced for years or a pain that recently occurred because of a muscle you pulled while moving to West Village, Dallas. Uptown Chiropractic provides services designed for many of the different pains you may experience. The chiropractors working in the office offer treatments and services that better align your joints and muscles to stop chronic or intense pain.

Urgent Care Centers

When you have a primary care physician, you might think that you don’t need to find an urgent care center. However, urgent care centers can prove extremely useful when your primary care doctor cannot see you until well into the future. One of the local offices of this type in the West Village area is City Doc Urgent Care. Instead of making an appointment to see a doctor, you can simply walk right into the office and be seen as quickly as possible. The doctors can send you home with a prescription or arrange for your transfer to a local hospital.