Posted in: Living Posted on: Jun 16th, 2015

Living Near Turtle Creek

People have been calling the area around Turtle Creek, which runs through modern day Dallas, home for thousands of years. The abundant wildlife and natural beauty of the area makes it easy to see why people would want to live near it. If you’re looking for apartments near Turtle Creek, look at Lennox at West Village, which is just a half mile away on foot or less than 10 minutes by bus.

Enjoy the Creek

One way to make the most of the area by the creek is to visit Robert E. Lee Park, which features well-maintained green grassy hills and plenty of places to rest, run, or take your dog for a walk. Originally called Oak Lawn Park, Lee Park was first developed in 1903 and consists of 17 acres. It was purchased by the city of Dallas in 1909 and became the first public park in the city. In 1936, it was renamed Robert E. Lee Park after a statue of the Civil War general was put up along the creek’s edge.

The park isn’t just a place to enjoy a quiet day out in nature. The Katy Trail also runs through the park. A 3.5 mile linear trail, the Katy runs along what was once the path of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad, which is how it got its name. As a mixed-use trail, the Katy is open to cyclists, walkers, joggers, and skaters.

Experience History

Turtle Creek also happens to be an area full of history. Arlington Hall, located in Lee Park, has been dubbed a “timeless treasure.” It’s a two thirds replica of the original Custis Lee Mansion, located in Arlington, Virginia. The hall first opened in 1939 and was renovated and restored in recent years to bring it back to its former glory. Each year, Arlington Hall hosts a number of special events, such as Derby Day Party to watch the races, a neighborhood picnic, and a silent auction. People can also rent the hall for their own private events, like weddings.

Find a Place to Eat

After a day at the park or exploring the history of the area, you’re bound to be hungry. Luckily, dining options abound around Turtle Creek. If you want to have a classic fine dining experience in a historic mansion, pick the Mansion Restaurant at Rosewood. The restaurant has been providing a stellar experience to diners for more than 30 years. Serving contemporary American cuisine with a touch of French and Southern influence, the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as for brunch on the weekends.

Maybe you want a meal that’s a bit more relaxed and a bit more wallet friendly. In that case, head to Maple & Motor, a beer and burger joint that “celebrates low class cool.” The restaurant’s bare-bone menus feature classic American favorites such as a burger, grilled cheese, and the “flat hotdog,” aka fried baloney sandwich.

Living near Turtle Creek has several benefits. You’ll be close to greenery and have the chance to get a taste of what Dallas has to offer.