Posted in: Living Posted on: Jun 3rd, 2015

How to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment in Uptown Dallas

It’s been said that everything’s bigger in Texas, but that’s not always the case when it comes to apartments. This is especially true if you’re perusing studio apartments in Uptown, Dallas. Choosing to live in this area of town means you’d be right in the center of the action, steps away from some of the most popular restaurants and shops in the city, so don’t let the smaller living spaces deter you. Follow these tips to make the most of your studio:

Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

When space is scarce, it’s important to pick pieces that can serve more than one purpose. Look for a hinged-top coffee table, an ottoman that has storage space under the lid, a bed that converts into a sofa, and a kitchen island that can provide extra counter space as well as storage. The key is to find items that can pull double duty without taking up too much room. A place to look is Design Within Reach in the Knox-Henderson District of Dallas, which offers plenty of undersized, multi-functional pieces.

Delineate Each Area of the Apartment

Studio apartments often have an open floor plan, but it can look more functional and organized if you use design strategies to define each area. For example, invest in a partition screen or install a decorative curtain to set off the bedroom area, or consider setting your sofa against the foot of the bed to differentiate the sleeping area from the living area. Place a shoe rack or coat rack by the doorway to set off the entrance, or use a plant stand to show where one space ends and another begins.

Use Light Colors

Dark colors can make a space look smaller. Open up your apartment by going for a more subtle color palette. That doesn’t mean forgoing richer hues altogether, though. For example, choose a light gray for your walls, and install bright red light switchplates to add some accents. Or use throw pillows and small rugs to add pops of color while keeping the rest of the space light. One way to keep things simple while also looking edgy is to go for a black and white scheme throughout your apartment.

Rethink Storage Space

When coming up with a decor strategy for a studio apartment, look at the space from a vertical as well as horizontal standpoint. Because vertical storage pieces that go from floor to ceiling have a smaller footprint, they can greatly open up your floor space. Stash things in wicker bins set on tall, narrow bookshelves, for example, or install multi-tiered shelving. If you still have some items that you want to keep but can’t fit into your apartment, consider renting a storage unit. The closest one to West Village is Public Storage on West Mockingbird Lane.

Stay Organized and Avoid Clutter

It’s easy for a small space to get cluttered quickly. Establish a habit in which you clear out old mail, catalogs, and other junk on a regular basis. Also, make sure that every object in your apartment has a home. Consider buying decorative bins where you can place electronics remote controls, books, and magazines instead of leaving them out on a table, for example, or look for back-of-the-door storage to hold your bathroom supplies. Make a trip to The Container Store (the closest one to West Village is on West Northwest Highway) for inspiration.

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