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Things to Do: Museums, Music, and Arts in West Village, Dallas

Before you move into any type of apartment or housing complex, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. You could live in the best apartment building in the world, but it won’t mean anything if the surrounding area doesn’t offer a wide range of things to do for both yourself as well as friends, family members and more. If you’re moving into the West Village, Dallas area, you’ll be pleased to know that not only does Lennox at West Village offer many different features and amenities that you aren’t going to be able to find anywhere else, but the area itself also offers an enriching cultural environment with attractions in a wide range of categories like museums, music venues and more.


One of the most prominent types of attractions in the area are the large number of different museums that are there for the enjoyment of all. Museums near West Village, Dallas include the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, for example, which offers programs and events all year round for guests of all ages. The Museum also shows 3D documentary films on a regular basis with examples including “Dinosaurs: Giants of the Patagonia,” “Flight of the Butterflies,” “Pandas: The Journey Home” and more.

Another museum in the area is the Nasher Sculpture Center. As its name suggests, Nasher is an art museum that allows individuals in the community to engage in the arts and experience sculptures from many notable individuals, learn more about sculptures as an art form and support the local artists in the community with their patronage.

Live Music

West Village, Dallas also provides a huge variety of different options for residents to enjoy when it comes to live music. Sambuca is a bar and grill located in the area that also acts as a full fledged live music venue. Sambuca has live musical acts almost every night of the week, especially during those warm summer months of the year. Acts that have played at Sambuca include Inversion, Thump, Big Daddy, The New Waves and more.

Movie Theaters

West Village, Dallas culture truly has something to offer every type of person, especially if you’re interested in the theater. The area is home to The Magnolia Landmark Theatre, which is noteworthy for not only showing all of the latest Hollywood releases but midnight shows on Saturday nights on a regular basis The Magnolia Theatre in West Village regularly has revivals of some of the hits from decades past. It is not uncommon for the theater to show something like “Halloween” or “Alien” in October, for example.

The Stage

If plays are more your thing, West Village, Dallas is also home to Theatre 3 which produces a wide range of different plays throughout the year. The theater puts on a mix of famous, classic plays on a regular basis, as well as plays from some of the hottest playwrights of the modern era.